About Us

My name is John Graham and alongside my family we have been growing vegetables here in Raphoe for over 30 years. For many years we grew commercial Potatoes, Turnips and Cabbages for wholesale customers but in 2015 we decided to change our business and we opened a small Farm Shop (known as the Log Cabin) where we sold our fresh vegetables, our eggs and some jams. Since then we have hugely expanded our range in which we now grow over 120 varieties (and counting!).

In addition to the Log Cabin we can also be found at the Letterkenny Real Food and Farmer's Market, a fabulous outdoor market held every week in Letterkenny. We have been resident at this market since the first week and our business has grown as the market has achieved continual success.

The creation of this website was as a direct result of customers requesting a home delivery service, and like a lot of what we do it is led by you our customer. So if you like what you see please order and let the quality and freshness of our vegetables speak for themselves.

What we do here in Raphoe would be pointless without the support and encouragement of our customers and for your support we are truly thankful. Likewise this is far from a one man operation. Without the support of my Father, Uncle, Mother, Nephews and more none of this would be possible.

We grow vegetables working in partnership with Nature, using Manures from our Aberdeen Angus herd to provide fertility, we use cover crops to maintain soil health. We utilise seaweed and garlic in our production system and we are in the process of converting some of our land to certified organic production - so stay tuned for that.